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Our Team

The Cowboy Solution team is dedicated to creating a leadership development, team building, and corporate event experience that is powerful, memorable, and fun.  No request is too big or small.  We promise to help craft an unforgettable experience no matter how many times you’ve been through one of our programs.

As Don Hutson likes to say: “You come as a client, leave as a friend and return as family.”
We look forward to working with you.

Don Hutson

Don Hutson, owner of The Cowboy Solution in Montgomery, TX, is photographed Friday morning August 17, 2012 with his horse Felicity for Texas Meetings + Events magazine. While training Felicity Hutson came up with the idea for The Cowboy Solution, an experiential leadership development training company, which uses horses to teach participants how to build powerful partnerships based on trust…Nathan Lindstrom Photography..©2012 Nathan Lindstrom[/caption]Don Hutson is what one would call a renaissance man. With a doctorate in music, he has been a businessman, successfully running a retail corporation, as well as an educator, teaching at both the high school and college levels. Then, in his mid 50s’ after losing his entire personal fortune, he came to Houston to start his life over and started training horses.  It was through this personal reinvention that he also found his passion in life while nose to nose with a horse.

Hutson holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Oklahoma with 12 years of teaching experience at both the high school and college levels, including posts at the University of Oklahoma, Phillips University and the University of Southwest Louisiana.  He also owned and operated a textile manufacturing business for 16 years.  It is this culmination of experiences from upon which he draws, plus 40 years working with horses, to share his unique perspective on teaching.  This includes the importance of building trusting partnerships; using clear, concise and consistent communications; and keeping expectations high.  His visually exciting presentations make one thing quite clear: Failure is not an option.

In addition to The Cowboy Solution seminars, he enjoys training horses and working with riders of all ages.  He also serves as music director and conductor of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra. He enjoys cooking and playing golf.  But, he is truly happiest in the arena working with people, excited  watching others experience personal aha moments and seeing how they can make a change in themselves with the slightest shift in thought process.  He believes we’ve made life too complicated and that a back to basics approach is what is needed in business.


Debra Ford

Debra has been involved with the company over the past 6 years helping to shape its marketing and event structure. Having lived all over the U.S. as a part of a military family, Debra moved to Houston after college and has spent her career marketing many of Houston’s incredible attractions including Six Flags AstroWorld, the Houston Zoo, Museum of Natural Science and a host of other institutions. A passion for gardening and the outdoors, Debra created the rose garden on the property where she and Don Hutson married in the fall of 2011. “Several years ago we decided we needed a retreat facility so we moved the horses out of the barn and made it a bunkhouse. We are dreamers—turning those dreams in reality as fast as we can.” Debra enjoys writing, yoga and gardening. She and Don and have 3 dogs, 9 horses and a bunch of plants.

Sara Klawinsky

Equestrian Activities Coordinator

A native Texan, Sara grew up around Conroe before moving to Anderson in High school. She and her husband of 11 years now live in Stoneham with their 3 dogs. She enjoys any thing that allows her to be creative, from painting and drawing to customizing or repurposing furniture and wood crafts.

She’s always had an intense love of horses and has owned them off and on in the past. Working with them now has had a great impact on her life. She now likes working with The Cowboy Solution and watching each individual “Ah-Ha” moment for our guests.

She is always eager to learn new things, willing to try anything once and isn’t likely to shy away from hard work or getting her hands dirty. Her favorite people are those with an open mind and willing attitude.


I really enjoy working with all of the people who come out to the ranch. And, from what they tell me I am the official horse for several of our ongoing clients. I like to be a little difficult and make those that work with me use the tools to earn my trust. I also enjoy seeing how individuals change as a result of working with us. It is fun being a teacher. Sunny is my sister.


I have been around from the beginning and have been a part of every seminar to date. I am fairly easy going and enjoy working with those who are a little nervous at first. I always make sure that everyone that works with me succeeds. I love to hang out with my pals here at the ranch and taking new riders on their first horseback ride.


I actually was the catalyst for starting The Cowboy Solution. While working with me, Don realized that he needed to earn my trust before I would let him ride me. I was a handful and very scared at first. However, he learned to be patient and earn my trust. The result was a great partnership that lives today. I was a wedding present to Don in the fall of 2011. I enjoy seeing people change as they work with us. I am very picky now and will demand that you lead me if you want me to follow.


I am the only Arabian horse on the property. All the rest of my friends are American Quarter horses. Since I have been here Felicity and I have become best friends. We like to hang out together. I really enjoy being around people and my personality shows it. I have been labeled “the flirt.” I don’t know why though. Well, maybe I have an idea. I like to work with people who have a lot of nervous energy. I feel as though I can help them understand their leadership role.


I am Sunny and Trey’s half-sister. We have the same father. I have a lot of energy and can teach people that they have get to know me first before I can be a part of any project. I am the official project management teacher. I always enjoy watching people put into action that which they have experienced during the day.



I too am Sunny and Trey’s half-sister, which also makes me Star’s half-sister. I am just starting with the program and enjoy my role as the “new kid on the block.” I am very demanding and will make everyone that works with me earn respect. I am pretty much a no nonsense horse. I am sure there are a lot of people just like me in every organization. However, I enjoy my job working with all of the groups that come out.