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We do not coach you to be a leader.

We coach you as a leader in the action of leading.


In-Action Coaching©

Using the Playbook – a set of specific leadership actions that create better employee engagement, The Cowboy Solution coaches work closely with leaders to proactively use key principles of human leadership in action.

Where most coaching is about a check-list, In-Action Coaching© works proactively with leadership to implement key actions into day-to-day operations. The coaching is a process of making a very specific action plan for each day, executing the plan, debriefing at the end of the day, and then using the debrief to make the plan for the next day.

The Cowboy Solution In-Action Coaching© is designed to create a leadership culture of actions that will create a self-perpetuating inertia. Once the leadership ball gets rolling, the inertia comes from within, significantly and effectively impacting all who are touched – one impacting many and many impacting many more.

Who Should Attend: Any participant must have attended an Executive Team Engagement session prior to any coaching is scheduled.

Don has one simple question in mind with everyone he meets: “how can he help?”

For me, the answer has always been another question: “how can I be a better leader?”

After attending several seminars with different groups, I was able to grow and learn something new each visit.  And with each event, transformational learnings took place.  However, my learning went to a whole new level when Don began to coach me.  He challenges me through conversation, emails, and homework which creates a new canvas each day for perpetual learning.  I became addicted to learning and continuous improvement!  The combination of seminars and individual coaching create an ideal safe environment with accountability which allows me to actively become a better leader each day.  It truly is a partnership built on trust that began with a simple question.  Don has helped me to become a better leader, and I look forward to my next homework assignment which will lead to more actions I can take to help others succeed!

Steve Lauver,
Oxy Petroleum