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You can learn a lot from a horse.

How to unlock and unleash human potential...

How to blend EQ+IQ...

How to turn bosses into leaders...

How to build empowered teams...

Together we can achieve great things!

We believe that together humans can achieve great things…
with just a little help from a horse.

Let’s Work Together 

Would you like to create a foundation of leadership; build or rebuild organizational teams to compete in a complex and unpredictable business environment? Let us show you how.

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What Is The Cowboy Solution? 

The Cowboy Solution is a comprehensive foundational, experiential leadership and team development company that uses horses to turn abstract principles into action to significantly improve human performance.



The real strength of The Cowboy Solution program is in their ability to create that a-ha moment where participants finally get it and want to buy in. What took us in the military 6-8 weeks to accomplish gets done in hours at The Cowboy Solution. And, there is an a-ha moment every hour.

Dan Baxter

Senior Executive Coach Equilibria™

Your capstone event, which required multiple teams to work together, clearly helped our team move forward in their thinking about complexity and the effectiveness of responding with shared consciousness and empowerment. Your follow-on discussion regarding approaches to leading multiple teams was as rich as any discussion I have ever participated in on the topic. Your approach to teams and team leadership will equip others for 21st Century leadership in a volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous environment.

Lt. General Ret., John Van Alstyne

Texas A&M Mays School of Business.

It was a transformational day for our team; from many good Employees belonging to two different Business Divisions and coming from different Regions to a United Team convinced that working together and cascading down a more visible reinforced cooperation it is not a mission Impossible. The tangible tasks we have created will be worked out as a Team with those actions driven by a common target that will support and sustain our behavior. The numerical target, it will come because of our focus and engagement.

Walter Reggente

Vice President, Services, Area Americas, Wartsila

To win in the new world,
organizations must set aside a
century of optimized efficiencies
and fundamentally re-write
the rules of the game.”

-Stanley McChrystal



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