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There is an old saying that a camel is the result of a committee trying to create a horse. All the parts are there, and it serves a purpose. However, it cannot effectively perform the functions of the original design.

Whether it is because of growth, managed change, or by default, every organization is faced with putting together new teams. Traditionally, organizations assemble a team based on identifying needed competencies for a specific job or role. The challenge is that this approach does not consider whether the individuals being hired can work together as a team. Hence, team-building is required at some point to get the new hires to gel.

What if the team was built right from the start?

The need for offsite team building is most often the result of not building the team correctly in the beginning. Building a high-performance team starts before the first person ever becomes a team member.

Consider football as an example. In a few short weeks, only two teams will have survived to play for the holy grail of football; the Lombardi Trophy. The secret to their success started months before the first snap of training camp, laying the foundation where competent players could work together to achieve a higher goal. General Managers and coaches were methodical in their hiring process to hire not just the best player, but the best player that fit within their team framework. They were looking for good team players.

Much can be gained from watching great sports teams.

How to build a great team.

There are two components necessary for high performance team success; competency and character. As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, most corporate teams are built based solely on competencies with little or no consideration, or importance, given to the desired character. In many cases, it is difficult for leaders to clearly define what good character is required.
There are very specific traits or characteristics of great team players. In his book, The Ideal Team Player, Patrick Lencioni defines three characteristics that are essential to a team achieving high performance; hungry, humble, smart. These characteristics provide the foundation for success. Without this foundation, high performance success is rarely achievable.

As you build new teams or assess current teams in the new year, what is your organization doing to provide a foundation for success? Are they prepared? Do you have a process in place designed to produce results quickly and effectively?

If not, The Cowboy Solution can help. Our comprehensive model is designed to assist organizations create the foundation for team success. And, our unique approach makes the process happen faster.


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