Team Building

Get Outdoors!

In a high-tech world with virtual offices, employees often feel isolated working in silos which don’t contribute towards collaboration.

Leave the power points behind for a powerful and highly charged day of outside the cubicle team alignment.

We provide teams with opportunities to reconnect, re-energize, and, discover how to come together to achieve workplace success.

Horses and western tasks and activities are used to customize an experience just for you with an emphasis on improving team performance.  You and your colleagues will experience outdoor team building activities to build stronger internal and external partnerships based on earned trust and how to apply those “learning’s” to specific and current challenges faced at work.

Here’s how others have described the experience:

Here's a few ways that other teams are using the program:

  • Off Site Retreat
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Alignment Across Functions
  • Corporate Events

Building Teamwork and the Effective Team

  • Time Requirement: Two day programs are recommended. One-day programs are available. View sample agendas here. 
  • Purpose: Partnered with a horse, participants learn how to use specific tools to build partnerships based on trust and respect and how to use them to be more efficient and effective. Several tasks and exercises are used throughout the session to help participants experience the power of the effective team.
  • Ideal Group Size: 10-20; however larger groups are easily accommodated
  • Download Team Building Info Here..

The Spirit of the Campfire

Spirit of the CampfireWe highly recommend that teams consider arriving at the ranch the afternoon before the seminar for evening around the campfire.  We have found this to be a great time for participants to meet in a very relaxed setting and to prepare for the next day’s training.