The Cowboy Solution was established in 2002 by businessman and educator, Dr. Don Hutson.  While training horses, Hutson discovered that many of the same principles used to successfully train horses could be applied to teaching and training people and have an extraordinary impact on success.  To be successful one has to first create a willing participant; a partner.  However, the partnership has to have a foundation on which to operate.  That foundation is trust. 

Hutson also realized that simply possessing the knowledge that trust is important was not the key to success.  To be successful there has to be a way to transfer that knowledge into action.  The result was to create an interactive and experiential leadership development and team building program that teaches individuals how to cultivate trust in the workplace and achieve success. Read more about how The Cowboy Solution works..

More than 50,000 professionals from all walks of life throughout the world have attended one of The Cowboy Solution programs.  And, based on feedback, participants are walking away and putting into action a set of very specific tools, equipping them for success in the workplace.